Terms of Use

  • All SnapMyBike submissions are anonymous.
  • SnapMyBike uses the Google Map API to generate the map and map markers.
  • Locations submitted to SnapMyBike are done so in good faith. While the nature of the geo-pin system means that the physical location is accurate, SnapMyBike makes no claim as to the accuracy of a location’s specific details. Further, it is impossible for us to verify all locations.
  • All locations submitted are checked on the Googlemaps system prior to approval. We will not approve locations which, at face value, look dubious in nature.
  • SnapMyBike reserves the right to use any submitted image for reuse on social media channels for promotional purposes.
  • SnapMyShop submissions are as accurate as the information provided by the business owner. Any submission found or reported to be misleading will be removed, the subscription cancelled and NO refund issued.